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Apr, 24 2020
Auto accidents can cause all kinds of fracture injuries to many parts of the body, including the arms, spine, hips, collarbone, and ribs.
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Apr, 23 2020
A jackknife accident occurs for many reasons, including vehicle speed, poor brake maintenance, road conditions, and turning within the safe turning radius.
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Apr, 17 2020
Drivers can protect themselves from driver error accidents by avoiding distractions, not following too closely or driving fast, and avoiding improper turns.
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Apr, 16 2020
Teens that have defensive driving skills taught and modeled by parents are more equipped to handle stressors when behind the wheel, which can save lives.
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Apr, 09 2020
Aggressive driving uses common but dangerous driving behaviors and road rage is a criminal offense that can result in a revoked license and incarceration.
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Apr, 08 2020
Teaching children proper bicycle safety, such as wearing a helmet and using crosswalks and bike lanes can help prevent a bike crash that could injure them.
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Apr, 07 2020
In the first week of April of 2020, two insurance carriers, Allstate and American Family, just gave back about 800 million in premiums. This is just the first two of many of the nation’s car insurance companies. It's too soon to know exactly how far…
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