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May, 21 2018
What happens when a truck is improperly loaded or negligently secured? Who bears commercial vehicle liability when an accident occurs?
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May, 18 2018
Brad Pistotnik Law represents clients who experience a semi truck collision in Olathe, Lawrence, Wichita, Topeka, El Dorado, McPherson, Gardner, Leawood, Salina, De Soto, Ulysses, Kingman, Pratt, Garden City, Liberal, Elk City, Springfield, Decatur,…
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May, 16 2018
What are the most common contributing factors that can cause a traffic wreck in Kansas? How can drivers minimize their risk while driving down the road? There are many factors that contributed to the 61,844 traffic crashes that happened in Kansas in…
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May, 14 2018
What happens after a hit and run accident in Kansas? Can motorists recover compensation to cover the cost of their injuries and property damage?
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May, 10 2018
How dangerous is driver fatigue? What happens when a drowsy driver gets behind the wheel? The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimate that one in every twenty-five, or 4% of all drivers over the age of 18, fall asleep at the wheel each month. This…
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May, 08 2018
Who is liable for a commercial vehicle accident? Can an employer be held liable for the actions of their drivers, mechanics, and others who work for them? When an accident involving a commercial vehicle occurs, there may be multiple parties who share…
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May, 04 2018
Brad Pistotnik Law represents pedestrians who are involved in a Kansas injury accident in Wichita, Liberal, Dodge City, Newton, Emporia, Arkansas City, Satanta, Gardner, Derby, Garden City, Coffeyville, Arkansas City, Paola, Omaha, Lincoln, Derby,…
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May, 02 2018
What causes large trucks to rollover while rolling down the road? Are truck drivers liable for the injuries and fatalities that a rollover can cause? In 2014, it was estimated that 1,300 tanker trucks, and 500 tractor trailers rollover in the US each…
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