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Dec, 22 2017
Is it safe to drive an older model vehicle? Are older vehicles more susceptible to mechanical failures that can cause accidents and injuries? The average age of  passenger cars and light trucks that Americans drive is currently 11.6 years old. The…
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Dec, 20 2017
How can teenagers be protected from dangerous driving distractions? Are there things parents can do to protect their children when they're old enough to take the keys? The reality is that there is an epidemic of distracted driving on American roads.…
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Dec, 18 2017
Are work zones more dangerous than in the past? What is causing the increased rates of injuries and fatalities in the work zone? It's estimated that there is a construction zone crash every 5.4 minutes. Of these, 1 in 70 results in at least one…
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Dec, 17 2017
Brad Pistotnik Law is giving toys away to families in need for the holiday season. Brad Pistotnik and Tony Atterbury and family and staff will be at his office at 10111 E. 21st Street N. starting at 1:00 PM with Greg 'The Hitman' Williams. Sunday…
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Dec, 14 2017
Do prescription drugs cause impaired driving? Are motorists liable for accidents caused while they are under the influence of prescription medications? As of 2014, prescription medications were factors in causing three times as many impaired driving…
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Dec, 12 2017
Liability for these causes of truck accidents can fall upon a driver who deliberately ignored warning signs of failure including transmission slippage, fluid leaks, loss of pressure within the steering system, etc. It can also fall upon mechanics who…
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Dec, 08 2017
Can emergency responders be held liable for civil damages? Yes, in circumstances where they act rashly. Liiability can be limited in many ways in Kansas since it is a conservative jurisdiction. There are many laws that have been developed over the…
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Dec, 07 2017
Brad Pistotnik, Christina Pistotnik and JoAnna Michelle Pistotnik have been giving away toys at Christmas to children and families that need help to celebrate the Christmas and holiday period for a long time. Brad has been doing this for many years…
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Dec, 06 2017
Who is liable for an automobile accident involving self-driving cars? When the accident is caused by the use of a self-driving car, who should be held for injuries and wrongful deaths? This area of the law is evolving rapidly as companies including…
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Dec, 05 2017
College athletics are a very popular attraction for many people around the United States. Young and old travel hundreds or even thousands of miles for a particular sporting event and to watch their favorite team play. This year the Intrust Bank…
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