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Oct, 20 2017
What driver mistakes can lead to a motorcycle accident? Motorcyclists are twenty-seven times more likely to suffer a fatality than occupants in a passenger vehicle and five times more likely to suffer an injury in an accident than drivers and…
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Oct, 18 2017
Is it dangerous to be in a small car when in an auto crash? While smaller vehicles have become safer, they are still less safe than their larger counterparts when  traveling down the road. This is because larger vehicles have larger front and rear…
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Oct, 16 2017
Can airbags save lives and prevent severe car accident injuries? The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) estimated that as of 2015, frontal airbags had saved 44,869 lives. In front-end crashes, airbags reduce driver fatality rates…
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Oct, 12 2017
Brad Pistotnik represents clients in Olathe, Lawrence, Topeka, and Kansas City who have been injured in a  truck rollover accident. Our firm also represents clients in Oklahoma, Illinois, and Nebraska. A truck accident can cause permanent disability,…
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Oct, 10 2017
What is an EDR and how does it help after a road accident? Technology pioneered in air crash investigations is now being applied to determine the causes of road accidents. Beginning in the 1980's an increasing number of automobile manufacturers began…
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Oct, 04 2017
How do I reach a fair car accident settlement after being injured by a drugged driver? One thing that's clear is that physicians have been prescribing prescription opioids at an alarming rate. The number of prescriptions for Oxycodone, Hydrocodone,…
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Oct, 03 2017
What is the leading cause of wrongful death in construction? Falls from high places are the leading leading cause of wrongful death in the construction industry.  Since 2010, the number of fatal falls in construction have steadily risen.  In 2015,…
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