Brad Pistotnik Law
Abogado El Toro


“Brad and his associates were there for me when no one else would be. They genuinely cared.”
J. Ward
“I could not have asked for a better person to represent me. I would refer Brad to anyone without hesitation. Brad was very dedicated to my case. He always had my best interest at heart. Brad is a great guy and an amazing lawyer.”
B. Adkins
“Brad, I wish I could better express my thankfulness to you. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping us. My little niece is very ill. ”
J. Drew
“They made sure that I was taken care of. They are a very courteous and kind staff and would recommend them to anyone who will need help. Thank you all very much. ”
C. Foreman
“Your compassion for me has been a true sign of understanding in my worst time of my life. It's nice to know that someone else fought for him in the end.”
Mrs. Jennings
“Dear Brad, by the time we settled my case both you and Heather felt more like my friends than my attorney. For that, all I can say is thank you, which seems so inadequate, but thank you both and God bless you and your families. I just want you to know the kindness, sincerity, and compassion that was shown toward me was far more than I'm sure anyone would or could expect. ”
R. Lyon
“He had very sympathetic reactions to our case and made us feel like he genuinely cared.”
The Bushell Family
“They took our case like it was the only one they had - giving it that much time and attention. Brad helped the hearing in court go very smooth. We can't thank you enough!”
S. Eberle
“I wouldn’t change anything about my experience here.Brad and Jeremy worked hard to get me the max they possibly could. If I ever had a question, I got a prompt answer. ”
B. Zettl
“We called Jeremy & Brad were on top of everything from the start. Expedited the payment through the insurance company, it was excellent. Thanks Guys!”
B. Amend
“Your firm explained everything so even I understood and had patience with me calling so much! I really didn’t have any idea what to do in getting assistance.”
E. Fattig
“Did well explaining everything and were there for phone calls. Awesome Job!”
B. Heim
“Jeremy and Brad handled my case in a professional and quick manner. When no one wanted to help me with my case, Brad and Jeremy were there for me. Much appreciation.”
S. Lee
“Brad was with his work, and didn’t treat me like a client, and I would be very pleased to refer him in the future.”
L. Pierson
“I was very pleased with my lawyer. They worked very hard to get me the most money. Thank you.”
J. Rozalez
“You guys were great and do your job well all the time, always happy.”
S. Salaices
“They work with you on getting you money in your pockets and pay your medical bills, and make sure your happy with how everything.”
K. Akbar
“Put my mind at ease that they were taking care of me – and working and helping me get to where I was before the accident.”
J. Bergman
“If placed in a similar situation I wouldn't go anywhere else. . . . They make a great team! He worked hard to see that my case was a success.”
L. Owens
“Bradley fought for me to the best of his knowledge to make me satisfied with outcome of my case.”
J. Ribbing
“They did get more than insurance was willing to pay.”
M. Areliano
“Brad, you are an amazing man. Thanks each & every one of you for your kindness! You are my earth angel. ”
S. Mans
“When I called him to ask what he could do, he came to me at the hospital to help out. Very pleased. He worked hard to get me what I deserved and didn't back down until I got just that. Brad was very polite. Thank you.”
C. Brown
“I called Brad and they handled everything for me.”
K. Eklund
“I'm very happy with how Brad and his firm took care of my medical bills and saw that I was set with a new car.”
S. Crigler
“Mr. Pistotnik has a lot of experience and with his experience he has done an amazing job.”
V. Pham
“The process was quick and painless.”
K. Huggs
“Everyone was very nice and I got my settlement fast.”
H. McClanahan