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Accident Attorney Brad Pistotnik Law in Wichita, Sedgwick County, Kansas Helpful Hints!

Injury victims that have an accident in Wichita Kansas, can hire the real Brad by calling Brad at 316-706-5020 on his cell, or 316-684-4400 for his office or on his toll free line at 800-241-BRAD. You should only hire a real attorney or lawyer or accidente abogado.

The helpful hints for accident and injury people having an auto, car, truck, cycle, semi or bicycle accident are as follows:

  1. Call the police
  2. Call Sedgwick County EMS
  3. Take photographs of the car damage and all injuries
  4. Go to the hospital at either Wesley Medical Center, Via Christi St. Francis or Via Christi St. Joseph to find out what your injuries are
  5. Describe all your injuries to the doctor
  6. If you have a bruise, cut, scrape or laceration, make sure that you ask for antibiotics;
  7. Call Brad Pistotnik Law for a free consultation
  8. Refuse to talk to the insurance adjuster until you have an attorney, lawyer, legal counsel or abogado;
  9. Do not wait for several days to see if you are hurt. You need to have immediate hospital attention to determine the extent and severity of your injuries
  10. Insurance companies track and evaluate how fast you are seen by a hospital. They think that if you do not go the first day you are not hurt. This is absolute nonsense. Many injuries take 24 48 hours to show up
  11. Kansas requires that you use your own car’s medical insurance called personal injury protection benefits or PIP before you can use any other source of medical coverage or insurance
  12. Find really good doctors that are not afraid of lawyers or car accidents. Many doctors only help the defense or employer side of a case and will refuse to provide adequate active treatment
  13. If your doctor gives you pills and tells you to come back in a month get a different doctor that actually cares
  14. If you have any of the following injuries that are serious injuries call Brad Pistotnik Law:
  15. Call the first and original Pistotnik Law Offices that Brad Pistotnik started in 1983 that is now called Brad Pistotnik Law or look at his website at or

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