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Accident Attorney in Rolla Kansas

Accident Attorney in Rolla, Kansas. Brad Pistotnik Law helps personal injury victims and is an accident attorney practicing across the State of Kansas including Rolla and Morton County. Rolla is a historic town. We also work in Illinois, Nebraska and other states. The first post office at Rolla was established in 1907. Rolla was laid out in 1913. Rolla is a corruption of Raleigh, for Sir Walter Raleigh. People needing an accident attorney or lawyer in Rolla and the Morton County area can get an accident attorney quickly by looking at for a free consultation. Brad can be reached at any time at 800-241-BRAD. He can be reached on his cell phone at 316-706-5020. The ZIP code for Rolla is 67954. Rolla has a 2013 population of approximately 428 people. Rolla is known for having very dangerous highway areas for traffic accidents that are fatal. Rolla can be reached from a group of highways including Highway 96 and Highway 51. A large number of Kansans are killed or severely injured every year due to the negligence of large trucks, driving across the state, on these dangerous highways to avoid toll and weigh stations. Remember that the smaller the width of the roadway the more dangerous it becomes. Some of these thin roads do not have adequate shoulders, which makes them even more dangerous. You need to drive and be careful when traveling on Highway 96 and Highway 51 so that you and your family are safe.