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Brad Pistotnik Law helps injury victims and is an accident attorney representing clients across the State of Kansas including Hugoton.

Hugoton is the county seat of Stevens County, Kansas. The city has 1.75 square miles of land area and has no water area. Hugoton was settled in 1885 and was originally named Hugo in honor of the French writer Victor Hugo. The town later changed its name to Hugoton to distinguish itself from Hugo, Colorado. Then first post office was opened in Hugoton in 1886 and Hugoton was designated at the interim county seat for Stevens County. This resulted in a violent war between the town members of Hugoton and the nearby town of Woodsdale over which town would be the permanent county seat of Stevens County. This county seat war eventually escalated into the Hay Meadow Massacre.

In the 1890s, economic conditions deteriorated so much in southwest Kansas that many of the residents of Hugoton left for newly opened territories in the American Southwest, and the population substantially declined. In 1913, the Santa Fe Railway reached Hugoton and the town began to thrive once again.

In 1927, the discovery of natural gas turned the city into a Boom Town, when W.M. McNab and the Independent Oil and Gas Company completed the Number 1 Crawford, located 2.8 miles southwest of Hugoton. The area around the Crawford well was designated the Hugoton field. By 1929, five more gas wells had been drilled and gas was being locally marketed. Argus Pipeline Co. began constructing an eight-inch pipeline to Dodge City in Ford County. By the end of 1930, six-inch lines were connected to several other small towns in the area. During 1931, only 29 new wells were drilled and well numbers remained constant at 140 during the next several years as the Great Depression halted the exploration oil and gas across the nation. At the end of 1945, there were 554 gas wells in the Hugoton field and the growing economy was beginning to consume more and more natural gas. At the end of 1950, the Hugoton had 2,216 wells; 3,869 by 1958. By 2012, over 10,000 wells had been drilling in the Hugoton field. Hugoton gas which was originally marked locally was being sold by pipelines as far west as Los Angeles and as far east as Lebanon Pennsylvania.

The Hugoton field is the largest natural gas field in North America and the second largest in the world. The Hugoton is one of many fields in the southwest Kansas that have important to the Nation’s production of natural gas. The major gas fields of this area—Hugoton, Panoma, Bradshaw, Greenwood, and Byerly—have produced almost 27 trillion cubic feet of gas (enough to supply every household in Kansas with natural gas for approximately 364 years). The Hugoton and associated gas fields are part of a large bowl shaped structure underlying most of southwest Kansas. This region is referred to Hugoton Natural Gas Area.

People needing an accident attorney or lawyer in Hugoton and the Hugoton area can get an accident attorney quickly by looking at for a free consultation. Brad Pistotnik and Tony Atterbury can be reached any time at 800-241-BRAD. They each can also be reached on Brad’s cell phone at 316-706-5020 and Tony’s cell phone at 316-617-9237 or on the local line 316-684-4400. The zip code in Hugoton is 67951. In 2013 Hugoton had a population of 3,979 people. Hugoton is known for having very dangerous road including Highway 56, Highway 51 and Highway 25. These highways have extremely high car and tractor-trailer, big rigs and 18 wheeler traffic. We regularly handle motor vehicle accidents across Kansas and Nebraska. We frequently travel to all parts of Kansas including western Kansas to meet our clients.

Whether you are looking for an attorney or lawyer or abogado then you should know that Brad Pistotnik Law is in a newer part of Wichita, Kansas on the east side just 3 blocks east of Webb road. Located at 10111 E 21st St N, Suite 204, Wichita, KS 67206. Our office has the extensive knowledge and the personal expertise when it comes to automobile accidents, trucking accidents and motorcycle accidents. We are not connected with any other offices calling themselves a similar name. Brad founded Pistotnik Law in 1983 and had over 35 years of legal experience to help you and your family in your time of need. Tony Atterbury is a highly skilled lawyer working with Brad. We can help you and your family if you give us a chance to talk to you. It is as always a free consultation.