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Personal Injury Accident Attorney and Lawyer in Davis, Oklahoma. Brad Pistotnik Law helps injury victims and is an accident attorney practicing across the State of Oklahoma including Davis and Murray County. Brad Pistotnik Law has personal injury attorneys and personal injury lawyers who are truly experienced in getting money for people involved in personal injury accidents. Our personal injury lawyers handle auto accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents and our personal injury attorneys handle truck accidents, tractor-trailer accidents and semi accidents.

Davis is named after Samuel H. Davis, who moved to Washita in 1887 in what was then Indian Territory. The town was established on November 16, 1898. Davis owned a dry goods store, which was four miles south of the current town of Davis. Davis submitted a petition for a Santa Fe depot to be built near his store, and the petition was accepted. By 1900, Davis had fifty-seven businesses, two banks, ten doctors, three dentists, and three lawyers. Cotton farming was a common occupation in Davis, which was in one of the best cotton producing sections in Oklahoma. By the year 2000 the population had grown to 2,610, and very few people worked as farmers. However, the education, health, and social services sectors of the economy had grown, with around a quarter of the population working in these areas.

Davis is the home of Turner Falls Park which is the oldest park in Oklahoma. Turner Falls is located in the Arbuckle Mountains and is named after Mazeppa Turner who was born in Virginia and married a Chickasaw woman named Laura Johnson.Turner Falls is in the heart of the Arbuckle Mountains, and is home to a seventy-seven foot waterfall, the largest in Oklahoma. Turner Falls is now a fifteen-hundred acre water resort that offers swimming, cave exploration, miles of hiking trails, picnic areas, and overnight camping. Another attraction in the Turner Falls Park is the Collings Castle, built in the 1930s and which became the home of Ellsworth Collings. Ellsworth Collings was an author and also the Dean of Education of the University of Oklahoma for twenty years. The castle covers about an acre of land that includes a main house with three rooms. One of Davis' main attractions every fall is the High School football team. Davis has many interesting and unique people making it a cultural and interesting place to visit.

People needing an accident attorney or lawyer in the Davis and Murray County area can get an accident attorney quickly by looking at for a free consultation. Brad can be reached at any time at 800-241-BRAD. He can be reached on his cell phone at 316-706-5020. Tony Atterbury can be reached at 316-617-9237.

Some of the ZIP codes for Davis are 73030 and 73039. Davis has a 2010 population of approximately 2,683 people. Davis and Murray County are known for having very dangerous highway areas for traffic accidents that are fatal. Davis can be reached from a group of highways including Highway 77, I-35, Highway 7 and other roads. Davis’ highways have substantial traffic flow of tractor-trailers, big rigs and 18-wheelers. The shoulders on these roads are very narrow. A large number of Okilahomans are killed or severely injured every year due to the negligence of large trucks driving across the state on these dangerous highways to avoid toll and weigh stations. Be careful when traveling on Highway 77, I-35, and Highway 7 so that you and your family are safe.