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Personal Injury Accident Attorney and Lawyer in Blackwell, Oklahoma. Brad Pistotnik Law helps injury victims and is an accident attorney practicing across the State of Oklahoma including Blackwell and Kay County. Brad Pistotnik Law has personal injury attorneys and personal injury lawyers who are truly experienced in getting money for people involved in personal injury accidents. Our personal injury lawyers handle auto accidents, car accidents, motorcycle accidents and our personal injury attorneys handle truck accidents, tractor-trailer accidents and semi accidents.

Blackwell was established following the September 16, 1893 Cherokee Outlet land run by A. J. Blackwell. Blackwell has an agricultural and fossil fuel based economy. Andrew Blackwell had settled in the area in 1882 and, having married the former Rosa Vaught who was of Cherokee descent, he was eligible to found the city. Blackwell served as Justice of the Peace and Mayor of Blackwell.

Blackwell was a victim of the 1955 Great Plains tornado outbreak, a deadly tornado outbreak that struck the southern and central U.S. Great Plains States on May 25–26, 1955. It produced at least 46 tornadoes across seven states including two F5 tornadoes in Blackwell, and Udall, Kansas. The outbreak killed 102 from three tornadoes while injuring hundreds more. Unusual electromagnetic activity was observed, including St. Elmo's fire.

The Top of Oklahoma Historical Society Museum is located in the Electric Park Pavilion and displays artifacts from the land run, antiques, and local history. Blackwell hosts the Kay County Free Fair in September. Blackwell is served by 5 major parks including Riverside, Bagby, Rogers, Memorial, and Legion. Blackwell has 1 major and 2 minor public pools. Blackwell is also home to a brick WPA armory which is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Blackwell has a full-service city government that includes electricity, sewage and police and fire services. The police department has 17 full-time officers, and operates 24 hours per day. The Blackwell Fire Department is a full-time fire department, and also provides ambulance service to Blackwell and the surrounding communities. Blackwell has many interesting and unique people making it a cultural and interesting place to visit.

People needing an accident attorney or lawyer in the Blackwell and Kay County area can get an accident attorney quickly by looking at for a free consultation. Brad can be reached at any time at 800-241-BRAD. He can be reached on his cell phone at 316-706-5020. Tony Atterbury can be reached at 316-617-9237.

One of the ZIP codes for Blackwell is 74631. Blackwell has a 2010 population of approximately 7,092 people. Blackwell and Kay County are known for having very dangerous highway areas for traffic accidents that are fatal. Blackwell can be reached from a group of highways including U.S. Highway 177, State Highway 11 and Interstate 35 and other roads. Blackwell’s highways have substantial traffic flow of tractor-trailers, big rigs and 18-wheelers. The shoulders on these roads are very narrow. A large number of Oklahomans in Blackwell are killed or severely injured every year due to the negligence of large trucks driving across the state on these dangerous highways to avoid toll and weigh stations. Be careful when traveling on U.S. Highway 177, State Highway 11 and Interstate 35 so that you and your family are safe.