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10 Reasons You Need to Hire Brad

1 Brad Knows How To Win Your Case

Brad has been doing personal injury and motor vehicle related cases since 1983. He takes no shortcuts and spares no expense at building your case in the appropriate way. Brad has a very strong work ethic. Brad and his staff will manage your case and treat each case individually as if it was the only case that they had to work on. Brad doesn’t just work on a case and hope that the case will settle

2 Brad Is Someone You Can Trust!

Brad is someone you can trust! Brad is a well-respected attorney with a reputation of being a hard-working and honest lawyer. The other side always knows that Brad will not give up on a case easily. The insurance company and their attorneys know that he will take all necessary steps to build your case appropriately. They also know that Brad works hard to get you a quick and fair settlement for your injuries.

3 Brad Truly Cares About His Clients

Brad never loses sight of the fact that you are a real person with real problems. Brad is a lawyer and counselor. He is someone you can talk to. He cares about your needs. He actually cares about you and your family. Once Brad takes on your case, you will have full access to communicate with Brad. He always provides his cell phone to every client.

4 Will My Case Go To Court?

Most cases never end up going to an actual jury trial and are settled before trial. A substantial number of cases never have to have suit filed. It will be ultimately up to you to decide whether you want to go to trial or take the money that is offered before trial. That is, your sole decision!

5 How Long Will It Take To Get My Settlement?

Many cases can be settled within 3 to 6 months. Other cases take a longer period of time, depending upon how fast you recover on your injuries. As soon as you are done with your treatment, Brad can attempt to settle your case rapidly. The main issue is simply how long it takes to conclude with your medical care. The more severe injuries take longer to heal. Once you are close to conclusion of medical care, Brad can start to settle your case.

6 What Is The Value Of My Auto, Truck Or Motorcycle Accident Case?

The value of your case depends on many different factors. First and foremost is the severity level of the accident. The second factor is the level of injuries. The third factor is how long you treat. The fourth factor is whether or not the doctors find a disc, bone, nerve injury or other medical symptom that shows up on an x-ray, MRI, CT scan or nerve conduction study. Many doctors are controlled by insurance companies. Those doctors fail to order the necessary diagnostic tests to prove that you are really hurt. These tests help Brad establish the severity level of your particular injuries. The more severe the injury is, the more your case is valued at. If you have an inability to return to work and lose income, your case will normally have a higher value than a person who returns to work. The loss of employment is a horrible effect of an accident that truly changes a person’s life forever. Severe injuries will never heal. All these factors have an effect on the total value of your case.

7 Can A Lawyer Get An Injury Victim More Than Medical Bills And Wage Loss?

The first issue is whether or not you had car insurance at the time of the accident. As long as you were driving an insured vehicle, you are not subject to the “No pay-no play” law, a lawyer will be able to get you a fair amount for your pain and suffering, mental anguish, disability, loss of time and loss of enjoyment of life which are normally called noneconomic damages.

8 Will I Really Get More Money By Hiring A Real Trial Lawyer As Opposed To A Settlement Lawyer?

The answer is overwhelmingly yes! There is a substantial difference between settlement lawyers and trial lawyers. Settlement lawyers have designed in-office systems to settle cases quickly and cheaply. When you hire a settlement lawyer, the chances of getting a large recovery is very low. Trial lawyers are a unique breed of lawyer that are highly trained to take depositions, obtain discovery, try cases and build a case to its true value. The insurance companies and their defense lawyers know the difference between a settlement lawyer and a trial lawyer. You need a trial lawyer. Back in the early nineties, 11 major insurance companies performed a study of why valuations of cases were different for injury victims who failed to hire a lawyer. This study was called “The Insurance Research Council Study.” That study concluded that a person who hires a good trial lawyer will normally get 3 to 4 times more than a person who is not represented by a good trial lawyer. The conclusion of the study was very simple. Injured victims that hire real trial lawyers usually have better medical care than unrepresented injury victims that try to handle their own case. When you have better medical care, it helps establish that your injuries are real injuries. Your case then has a better value. You do need a real trial lawyer. Brad is a real trial lawyer that can help you.

9 When I Am Injured Who Is Going To Pay For My Medical Bills And Wage Loss?

Kansas is a “No-fault” state. This simply means that your own insurance company pays your initial medical expenses, usually $4500. Your own company will normally pay your initial wage loss. Your insurance company then has a right to be reimbursed from the other side under certain limited circumstances where you have a duplicative recovery. When you don’t have a duplicative recovery your insurance company is not entitled to be reimbursed. These laws allow you to start getting medical care immediately after an accident, even when you do not have health insurance. After you reach the Kansas threshold of $2000, you become entitled to bring a claim against the other person’s insurance company to get all of your monetary and non-economic losses including pain and suffering, mental anguish, disability, loss of time and loss of enjoyment of life.

10 How Do I Know Which Attorney To Hire?

The answer to this question is very simple. You should meet with a lawyer of your choice. Determine whether or not they care about you as a person. Look into their eyes and see if they really have compassion. Ask them how many lawsuits they actually file a year. Ask them what type of verdict and settlement history they have. Once you meet that lawyer, you can tell whether or not they really care about you. When you meet Brad you will know that he actually cares about every client. He is compassionate about his work and making sure all of his clients are happy!