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Brad Pistotnik Is An Experienced Wichita, KS Personal Injury Attorney

If you have been injured in an auto accident, motorcycle accident or semi-truck accident call Brad Pistotnik Law. Brad Pistotnik is a personal injury lawyer in Wichita, Kansas dedicated to helping victims of car accidents, motorcycle accidents and truck accidents get the compensation they deserve. In addition to helping thousands of Kansas residents receive millions of dollars in compensation, Brad Pistotnik Law is proud to serve the personal injury and auto accident victims in Oklahoma and Nebraska.

Verdicts & Settlements
Tractor-Trailer accident involving quadriplegia.
Crane Tipover Case with Loss Of Leg And Coma (Settlement)
Nursing Home Negligence and Malpractice (Verdict)
Brad Pistotnik Law Knows
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Trucking Companies

Once the insurance adjuster starts to call for you, it is extremely important that you don't talk to the insurance company. Don't give a taped statement or even talk to the insurance adjuster without legal counsel. Where should you turn? Obviously, to Brad Pistotnik to get your free consultation!

Injured? Call Brad!

10 Reasons You Need To Hire Brad Pistotnik Law

1 Brad Knows How To Win Your Case

Brad has been doing personal injury and motor vehicle related cases since 1983. He takes no shortcuts and spares no expense at building your case in the appropriate way. Brad has a very strong work ethic. Brad and his staff will manage your case and treat each case individually as if it was the only case that they had to work on. Brad doesn’t just work on a case and hope that the case will settle

2 Brad is someone you can trust

Brad is someone you can trust! Brad is a well-respected attorney with a reputation of being a hard-working and honest lawyer. The other side always knows that Brad will not give up on a case easily. The insurance company and their attorneys know that he will take all necessary steps to build your case appropriately. They also know that Brad works hard to get you a quick and fair settlement for your injuries.

3 Brad Truly cares about his clients

Brad never loses sight of the fact that you are a real person with real problems. Brad is a lawyer and counselor. He is someone you can talk to. He cares about your needs. He actually cares about you and your family. Once Brad takes on your case, you will have full access to communicate with Brad. He always provides his cell phone to every client.


Most cases never end up going to an actual jury trial and are settled before trial. A substantial number of cases never have to have suit filed. It will be ultimately up to you to decide whether you want to go to trial or take the money that is offered before trial. That is, your sole decision!


What our Wichita, KS auto accident clients are saying

“I could not have asked for a better person to represent me. I would refer Brad to anyone without hesitation.” He also writes, “Brad was very dedicated to mycase. He always had my best interest at heart.” Finally, he wrote, “Brad is a great guy and an amazing lawyer.”

B. Adkins
“They took our case like it was the only one they had - giving it that much time and attention. Brad helped the hearing in court go very smooth. We can't thank you enough!”

S. Eberle
“Your firm explained everything so even I understood and had patience with me calling so much! I really didn’t have any idea what to do in getting assistance.”

E. Fattig

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Preparing Yourself for Motorcycle Season
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